Celebrating 20 years of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: A Testimonial Tribute with Adam Markel

May 15, 2017

Kris shares a rich conversation with Adam Markel in how to foster resilience as you pivot through change. Adam Markel is a best-selling author, CEO, attorney, international speaker, entrepreneur, transformational trainer, program designer, and business leader who inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth. 

A recognized expert in the integration of business and personal development, Adam has led programs for more than 100,000 people around the globe in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, finances, health, spirituality, and relationships. His latest book is the best-selling PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life.

Known as one of the most charismatic speakers you'll ever see, Adam has shared the stage with superstars such as Tony Robbins and Stedman Graham. He's admired for his refreshing, powerful, practical, and inspiring impact on entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and leaders.

Adam began his career teaching public school and went on to found a successful international seminar and performance development coaching company, a commercial real estate investment firm, a title insurance company and a multi-state law practice.

In this episode, Adam shares how Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff about Money helped him build resilience and presence as he did his own pivot turn and changed careers to live a life he now loves.


Celebrating 20 years of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: With P90X Guru Tony Horton

May 8, 2017

Kris inteviews Tony Horton.  He is the wildly popular creator of the best-selling fitness series: P90X®, P90X2®, P90X3®, and Ten Minute Trainer®, Tony is a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books “Bring It”, Crush It!” and his latest motivational book, “The Big Picture” 11 Laws that will change your life. He has appeared on countless television programs as a fitness and lifestyle expert to promote healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition.

Tony believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is the formula that leads to a vibrant, productive and full life for anyone who focuses on being the best they can be. 

This episode is a rich and fun conversation and testimonial about Tony's about how personal growth, learning how to overcome emotional fear and how Don't Sweat the Small Stuff impacted Tony's journey.


Celebrating 20 years of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: A Testimonial Tribute: Adopt a Child Through the Mail With Ron Carter

May 1, 2017

This episode highlights a very powerful testimonial of the power of one.

One chapter in Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff called: Adopt a Child through the Mail where Richard mentioned his favorite organization: Children Incorporated. This one mention resulted in thousands of sponsorships and donations over the years.

It is with great pleasure that Kris interviews the President of Children Incorporated, Ron Carter, as he shares what Children Incorporated, does for the kids who are sponsored by monthly donations. The beauty of this program is the pen-pal communication that you receive from the child you sponsor.

Ron Carter has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Children Incorporated since April of 2012. Ron started working for Children Incorporated in February of 2003, and prior to his appointment as President of the organization, he held two other positions there: Assistant Director of US Programs and Director of the Inner City Division.

All kids deserve to have a coat in winter, shoes, and appropriate clothes to wear to school and healthy food to eat.  We are running a “2000 challenge” to celebrate 20 years of Don’t Sweat!

Please help us sponsor 2000 kids this year for just $28/month in celebrating 20 years of Don’t Sweat wisdom. The Richard Carlson Memorial fund will match the first $5K in sponsorship donations.  You can call Children, Incorporated at 1(800)538-5381 and visit https://childrenincorporated.org/dont-sweat-small-stuff/ to find out more about this wonderful program that assists children monthly by helping impoverished families fulfill their child’s basic needs of food, clothing, and medical expenses. 


Celebrating 20 Years of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Meet President and Publisher, Bob Miller

April 24, 2017

It is with great honor Kris brings, President and Publisher, BOB MILLER, to the podcast to share how Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff rose up the charts and stayed at the top of the New York Times for over 100 consecutive weeks topping off USA Today’s bestellers two consecutive years in the #1 position.

Miller founded Hyperion for Disney in 1990 and was its president and publisher until 2008. He began his career at St. Martin’s Press and has also worked at Delacorte Press, HarperCollins, and Workman.  He has published such authors as David Halberstam, Caroline Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, Mitch Albom, and Randy Pausch, Richard and Kristine Carlson. Miller was hired to launch Flatiron Books in 2013; the division has had 21 New York Times bestsellers in its first two years of publishing, including four #1 New York Times bestsellers.

This episode is a rich conversation not only about the success of the Don’t Sweat series, but you will find valuable information here about the publishing industry and its future.



Celebrating 20 Years of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Meet Our Mentor, Dr. George Pransky

April 17, 2017

Celebrating twenty years, and kicking off this series in celebration of the incredible journey of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book series, with one of our early mentors, Dr. George Pransky.  

Dr. Pransky is one of the two professional founders of the understanding of The Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  He has taught the Principles for over thirty years to individuals, couples, businesses and colleagues.  Dr. Pransky is the author of The Relationship Handbook and over fifty audio recordings.  During his career he has served on the faculty of three graduate universities and continues to pioneer this understanding in new industries.  Currently he is a partner at Pransky and Associates and on the executive committee of the Three Principles Global Community.

In this rich interview with Kris and George, you hear how Richard dove into this revolutionary approach to psychology, and will learn about the deeply guiding principles of mental health and well-being that became integral to the impact of Richard and Kris’s work in the Don’t Sweat series.




Celebrating 20 Years of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Wisdom

April 9, 2017

In this episode Kris introduces this series devoted to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the book series: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!


Kindness Matters: Love is The Answer

April 3, 2017

RAMANANDA JOHN E. WELSHONS is a beloved contemporary spiritual teacher who weaves together the mystical and contemplative traditions of the world’s great wisdom traditions. He is a highly revered meditation teacher, and one of our most respected authorities on how to use life’s inevitable difficulties as the steps on our own path of spiritual awakening.  He has traveled and studied extensively in India, and has been closely affiliated with spiritual luminaries, Ram Dass and Stephen Levine, and trained with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. He has been practicing various forms of meditation and yoga for more than 45 years and is the author of three critically-acclaimed books: One Soul, One Love, One Heart; Awakening From Grief; and When Prayers Aren’t Answered - all published by New World Library.

In this episode, Kris and John discuss kindness as it relates to spirituality and how kindness is the foundation of love. This discussion will be helpful in mending the heartache that many are feeling at the political discord and divide that's happening in America right now, and how kindness is at the root of healing all wounds---with LOVE.


Kindness Matters: Be Good to People

March 27, 2017

Why can't people just be good to people?  In this episode Kris speaks with her gal-pal entrepreneuer Kris Wittenberg about how she brought the idea of kindness into a movement: "Be Good To People."  Kris is offering you a 20% discount code: (DSSS20) to her website of inspiring products.  Go to www.begoodtopeople.com for inspiring gifts. 


Kindness Matters: Lead With Kindness

March 20, 2017

Robin Sharma is one of the world's premier speakers on Leadership and Personal Mastery. As a presenter, Sharma has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to individuals doing their best work, teams providing superb results and organizations becoming unbeatable.

For nearly 20 years, many of the most well-known organizations on the planet, ranging from Nike, GE, Microsoft, FedEx, PwC, HP and Oracle to NASA, Yale University and YPO have chosen Robin Sharma for their most important events, when nothing less than a world-class speaker will do.

Sharma's books such as The Leader Who Had No Title have topped bestseller lists internationally and his social media posts reach over six hundred million people a year, making him a true global phenomenon for helping people do brilliant work, thrive amid change and realize their highest leadership capacities within the organization so that personal responsibility, productivity, ingenuity and mastery soars.

In this episode, Kris and Robin share moments of deep wisdom and how to practice kindness. In a conversation that celebrates kindness, these two friends share how kindness is essential to the mastery of life and to aspire to success in all areas of leadership.



Kindness Matters: Give Unto Others

March 13, 2017

Stephen G. Post, Ph.D.  is a researcher and public speaker on how helping others benefits those who give, how empathic care contributes to patient outcomes and professional well-being, how youth who follow the Golden Rule live happier and more resilient lives, how caregivers find meaning and hope in caring for the deeply forgetful, and how positive psychology and spirituality enhance health. He is a best-selling author who has taught at the University of Chicago Medical School, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and Stony Brook University School of Medicine, where he is Founding Director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics (designated as a special strength of the Stony Brook School of Medicine by the LCME visiting committee. He is an elected member of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the New York Academy of Medicine, and the Royal Society of Medicine, London. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Character Strengths and Virtues, the handbook and classification of Positive Psychology.

 In this episode, listen to the incredible journey of a true Scholar and Philosopher and man of heart as he shares the soul warming stories that impacted his incredibly rich journey and show how kindness truly matters. He shares how volunteerism and altruism is at the heart of reliency and happiness. You can hear the kindness in Dr. Stephen G. Post’s voice.